Bill Belichick Has a Special Relationship With Jimmy Garoppolo

The New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and former Patriot Jimmy Garoppolo may be 3,000 apart, but they still find time to talk to each other.

That’s right. The former Patriot says that he and Belichick have a new tradition, and it involves some texts. Sports Illustrated Jenny Vrentas says Belichick likes to text Garoppolo after each of his starts with the 49ers. What’s the purpose of this? It seems like Belichick has no hard feelings for Garoppolo. He even congratulates him for the performance.

Garoppolo started and won five straight games for the San Francisco 49ers. The season was amazing, and Garoppolo threw for 1,452 yards and six touchdowns.

The mid-season trading deal was more than surprising. Garoppolo was traded to San Francisco. He played three seasons with the Patriots. The Pats received a second-round draft pick in the big exchange. The 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan’s dad Michael said “almost too good to be true.”

Shanahan and general manager Mike Lynch approved Belichick’s offer withing 10 minutes of the surprising call. Vrentas says the trade emerged as a result of Belichick’s respect for Shanahan and his father. He also believed that Garoppolo would do perfectly under Shanahan’s organization.

Reports confirm that the Cleveland Browns gave the Pats a much bigger offer for Garoppolo. However, Belichick decided to pass, and sent the quarterback to San Francisco.

Belichick and Shanahan mt in March 2017. The latter opened the topic of Garoppolo, and Belichick just said ‘no.’
Garoppolo supported Brady’s talent and skills. He idolized the quarterback, and offensive tackle Jow Staley said he’d call out Jimmy for using too many of the same sayings as Tom Brady. “I’m always calling [Jimmy] out on that, like, ‘Hey, that’s not your saying—that’s Tom’s saying! Get something else!’” Staley said.

You get it, right?

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