Bronny James Jr Responds To Trash Talker at First Day of USBA, And It’s Epic (VIDEO)

The James family has been put through a lot this month. First, it was James LeBron’s free agency decision, and then came the offer from the Los Angeles Lakers. Apparently, the family supported his decision to join the Lakers, and they seem to be just fine with the idea of living in Los Angeles. But, guess what’s Bronny up to?

LeBron Bronny James Jr. is actually competing for his championship. This kid already has a lot on his back for being James LeBron’s son. You know, all the picking and trash-talking. But, this boy sure knows how to shut people’s mouth.

The 13-year-old boy joins his team the North Coast Blue Chips in the effort to win the USBA National Championship in Charlotte. LeBron taught his son to expect pretty much everything during the championship. That’s exactly what happened.

Bronny faced some awful trash-talking, and one of his opponents fired straight at him. The kid responded in the most brilliant way ever. His gesture is a clear evidence that his basketball mindset is beyond his years. Keep up the good job, Bronny!

King James’ son knocked down four shots from 3-point range after the shocking exchange with Alabama Hoopers players. Of course, the Blue Chips won, and the result was 84-59.

The Blue Chips had another dominant performance. They managed to top the Roxboro Thunder with a score of 79-25. Amazing!

Should we add more? Bronny behaves better than any other player in the league. He knows how to behave. Trash-talks never bring anything good, and this boy knew that the good game is the only thing to save him. He care a lot about his reputation, and everything points to the fact that he has big dreams of joining the NBA.

Can you imagine LeBron playing with his son on the same basketball court? That would be nice to watch.


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