Charles Barkley Releases Bombshell Statement About LeBron James And The Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are making headlines these days, and everyone is talking about the brilliant contracts that fell from the sky. The four-year contract LeBron James signed was the hottest topic this month, and there’s something else that attracted our attention. TNT analyst Charles Barkley said it all.

There’s a new wave of excitement surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers brand new roster, but some just don’t see them as an elite team in the Western Conference. According to Charles Barkley, the team is a “No. 5 seed, maybe six in the West.”

Barkley appeared on Th Dan Patrick Show, and talked about the new version of the Lakers. He didn’t shred words, and that’s what surprised us the most.

“They’re No. 5 seed, maybe six in the West. I don’t think they’re better than Oklahoma City, I don’t think they’re better than the Denver Nuggets. The Rockets to me are the surprising team because I think they have regressed. I’m a big Trevor Ariza fan … Minnesota’s better than the Lakers. As great as LeBron is — I see them as the 4, 5, 6 seed. The West is unbelievable. He (LeBron) got 20 easy wins the last few years. He won’t get those easy 20 wins in the Western Conference,” Barkley said.

The analyst listed several teams that are better than the Lakers. Well, at least that’s what he things. He even said that the Oklahoma City Thunder are better than the Lakers. What?!

Barkley noted that the Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Timberwolves are superior when compared to Los Angeles. The Nuggets enjoyed a nice offseason, and they landed Isaiah Thomas. The team also re-signed Will Barton, and that gives them one of the best backcourts in the Western Conference.

Is Barkley right? Will the Lakers surprise him?

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