Danny Amendola Gets Emotional And Opens Up About His Feelings For Patriots

Danny Amendola had a great time in the New England Patriots team, and now he has joined the Miami Dolphins family. But, nothing changes the fact that Mendola has a special place in his heart for the Patriots. Pats fans love him, too.

Amendola went on the Comeback Szn podcast for Barstool Sports, and talked to Kayce Smith and Eric Birkhardt. The conversation involved pretty much everything about his time with the Patriots and the dichotomy between the tradition of the two AFC East rivals franchises. Danny Amendola then re-lived some of his brightest moments with the Pats.

Birkhardt mentioned the brilliant moment during Super Bowl LI. The Pats scored a late fourth-quarter touchdown and it was a moment to remember. Everyone knew that Amendola will be the one they called on for the breathtaking two-point play.

“James White scored the touchdown to get within two, and right when he scored, I feel like everybody on our team and our offense already knew the play. We knew what the coverage was going to be when we lined up. We knew it was going to have a pretty good chance of working, but s**t, it was a little closer than I would’ve liked it to be,” Amendola said.

“I remember just trying to calm my nerves down and then I saw the defensive end jump on the line and I was like, ‘Thank god he jumped offsides.’ The football gods were helping us out on this play because if he wouldn’t have jumped offsides. He might’ve been exactly in the throwing lane… if he doesn’t jump offsides, he might bat the ball down just because he’s directly in the throwing lane. So s**t worked out,” he added.

Well, Pats know how to take care of their people. But, a man has got to do what a man has got to do.

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