Did The Lakers Took Care of Kobe Bryant Help Them Sign LeBron James?

Fans are super thrilled about the new situation in the Los Angeles Lakers, and everyone is buzzing around James LeBron. King James agreed to sign with the team, and this opened a brand new topic in the organization. Yes, we all want to know if Kobe helped the team reach for LeBron.

That’s the right question. Were Kobe Bryant’s final contract and farewell tour the beginning of LeBron’s career in the Lakers?

This is a rather interesting theory, and we all know that ‘loyalty’ is the second name of the Lakers. The organization always takes care of its members, and they always support the team. Was loyalty the key to James’ deal.

What about Rajon Rondo? The Lakers are into toughness and creativity. Rondo makes real sense to them in this case.

This touches the topic of free agents, and we know that the Lakers are hunting them down. The team is looking forward to another great summer, and the game will be ‘a must see.’ LeBron will deliver a brand new energy, and this may change the flow of events. Regardless of whether NBA fans like it or not, LeBron is playing with the Lakers, and we can only hope for success.


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