NBA Referees Release Statement On Missed Call Against Warriors In Game 3

The Golden State Warriors played without their top players. Kevin Durant has been out since the second round of the postseason. The Finals are over for Kevon Looney. Klay Thompson was out for the game, and Stephen Curry was given a bigger role. He led the offense on his own. The Warriors lost Game 3 to the Raptors. Something else caught everyone’s attention. The Warriors didn’t get a forgiving whistle in a game. There were a few calls that didn’t go the Warriors’ way. Referees admit their mistake.

“Q2 7:30 – A defender cannot block a field goal attempt after it has hit the backboard provided it still has a chance to score. Goaltending should have been called on this play.”

“I think our team plays hard. And I give our guys a lot of credit. I thought we answered a lot of runs,” Raptors coach Nick Nurse said. “Each time they chipped, we kind of answered back. And that’s kind of what you got to do if you’re going to keep your lead.”

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said the Raptors had a good game.

“Toronto played an excellent game, made big shots every time they needed to,” said Kerr. “We never could get over the hump. Every time we fought back and kind of got it to six, seven or eight, whatever it was, they made big shots.”

Media members asked Warriors’ Draymond Green if his team is resting talented players.

“You don’t sacrifice a Finals game to be healthy for the next one, because anything can happen. But at the same time you do have to be smart,” Green said. “We would much rather have Klay for the rest of the series than putting him out there and losing him and then nothing. So no one sacrificed the game.”

Kyle Lowry was excellent. He said, “We all kind of just understand that this is our job and never get too up, never get too down. Teams are going to make runs, and you’re going to not win every game, you’re not going to lose every game, but you can continue to grow to the point to play until June, and that was always the goal with this team was to get to June.”

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