Donald Trump’s Shocking Statement About Tom Brady Uncovered

Donald Trump and Tom Brady have been close friends long before the famous businessman decided to give being President of the United States a go. The Trump-Brady friendship that has lasted through the years has apparently grown so big that Trump even wishes the five-time Super Bowl champion were a member of his own family.

More so, President Trump has been heard saying that he wishes that Brady had married his daughter, Ivanka, and become his son-in-law.

“(I) could have had Tom Brady,” quipped President Trump. “Instead, I got Jared Kushner.”

But there is some logic behind this seemingly random statement. According to rumors, the president’s daughter had dated Brady at one point before marrying Kushner. Trump has long beaten the drum for Brady to marry into his family, expressing his support for the couple in a 2004 interview with Playboy Magazine.

“I kid Tom, but he’s a friend of mine,” said Trump. “I think he’s a great character. I got to know him when he was a judge at a jitterbug contest I entered after the Patriots won the Super Bowl. He’s a winner, and by that I mean every time he needs to make the pass he makes it. You have other guys in the NFL and in life who have all the equipment but don’t make the pass. I think Tom’s a great guy, and I think he and Ivanka would make a great combination.”

While Ivanka had a boyfriend by then, her father didn’t hesitate to point out that “Tom Brady would make any father-in-law proud.”

President Trump’s ex wife, Ivana, has confirmed Trump’s interest in having his daughter date Brady in her 2017 memoir, “Raising Trump”.

“At one point, Donald wanted her to date Tom Brady, the quarterback…He said, ‘You have to meet him!’ But Ivanka wasn’t into it,” wrote Ivana.

Unfortunately for Donald Trump, his wish didn’t come true. Ivanka has Jared Kushner and Brady is now happily married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Both couples have been blessed with several children.

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