ESPN Makes Decision On Paul Finebaum’s Future

There is a brand new info on the SEC coverage for ESPN, and it’s time to say that it’s been locked down. Paul Finebaum is directly associated with the SEC, and he has just sealed a multi-year deal with the company with an effort to be the key contributor for the SEC Network and ESPN.

The Worldwide Leader earned a massive competition, but managed to land one of the greatest free agents in the media landscape over the summer. So, yes, Paul Finenbaum won’t even think of going somewhere.

However, we don’t have much info on the details. We’re waiting for the official release of the details of the deal. ESPN called this a “multiyear contract extension.” Finebaum will keep being the host of The Paul Finebaum Show. He will also be the analyst on SEC Nation.

“I’m thrilled to be a member of the ESPN family and look forward to continuing our show on SEC Network,” Finebaum said. “I consider myself incredibly blessed to do this every day, and I’d like to thank everyone at ESPN, as well as all of our loyal listeners and viewers, for their support,” he added.

Fox Sports and the Big Ten Network are in the run for Finebaum, but this man is not a traitor. He knows where home is. Thinking of anything other than the SEC is terrible, and no such step fits in his career.

Finebaum is part of the SEC family, and his daily callers like his choice. Finebaum is an excellent professional, and knows how to get the best of every situation. The SEC team is Finebaum’s home. He belongs there. Every other decision would be wrong. Fans would be disappointed. Finebaum knew this, and decided to stay. Keep up the good job, Finebaum, we’re happy for your huge success.

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