First Ever Tom Brady 1994 Interview Confirms He Was Awesome In High School

Tom Brady was a quite boy before his career went high. He was just the Brady boy whose sisters are successful athletes. However, Brady’s older sisters gave him the courage to keep doing the things he knows best, and here we are. You can see this in his very first interview.

So, Brady was a high school students who played sports. He was pretty talented, and teams noticed his great potential. Today he is one of the top players in the NFL. That’s what Brady talks about in his first interview.

Let’s go back to the 90’s. Tom Brady was in high school, and scouts noticed him for the first time ever. He was 17, and yes, he was as cool as he is today. Let’s not discuss his fashion choices, shall we? Brady had good looks and perfect hair. Although many thought he would become a model, Brady decided to play football.

“My strengths… Well, everybody tells me I have a pretty strong arm, which is good. I’m pretty accurate with it. I think I need to work on my speed a little bit but hopefully, that will come in time. Pretty good work ethic, so I think I can get the job done,” Brady said in his first interview.

There you go. It was more than clear that Brady will become the awesome Patriots quarterback.

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