Giele Bundchen Opens Up About Motherhood And Environment Issues In Rare Interview

Gisele Bundchen was once the most brilliant supermodel to hit the runway, and now she’s the most brilliant supermodel mom out there. Yes, you’d all agree on this one. Gisele is a devoted wife and mother of two. She knows how to take care of her home and family which is not the case with most big names in the fashion world.

So, Gisele Bundchen has all the love in this world for her kids and the kids who play and pose for her pictures. “I just want to take them all and love them,” Gisele said.

The supermodel mom is a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Environment Program. She gives her best to make the world a better place, and environment issues are her specialty.

“It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, my whole perspective of the world is changing. I always try to put myself in their situation and think how would it be if that was my life, what if I were born under those circumstances and had no access to the basic needs of survival? Even though I’m from Brazil and we do have poverty, to actually go into people’s houses and experience that, is heartbreaking. But it’s also heart-opening, and I feel there is so much I have to do,” she said in her interview.

She had a good time with native Amazon Indians, and shared her story of the experience. “When you get to experience something that is outside of your reality, it changes you. There is always that sense that, ‘I’m so small, what can I do?’ but then you have to start somewhere, so I opened the Luz Foundation in 2007, to bring more light into the world and I created a place where I can donate a percentage of my money to help with different projects that came along,” Gisele said.

“My life is devoted to this. I know from the outside, people think this girl just poses for pictures, but in my head, all I’m thinking the whole time is, ‘Ok, if I take this job then I can have more money to put in to this action’, so that’s what I’m doing because that’s the form that God gave me to do what I can do, right?” the supermodel explained.

What a wonderful woman!

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