Gisele Bundchen Wishes Her Mother A Happy 70th Birthday With Special Instagram Post

The Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen surprised everyone with her Instagram post.

Gisele Bundchen celebrated her 38th birthday, and fans sent her the best wishes ever. This time the Brazilian supermodel wished her mother a happy birthday. The gorgeous woman celebrates a milestone birthday. She’s 70!

We’ve seen Gisele posting photos of her loved ones. She posts pics of her husband Tom Brady and the kids. It’s not like the supermodel mom brags about her family. She’s just proud of both her husband and the cute kids. It’s time for her mother to get all the attention in this world.

The mother of two posted a cute photo of her and her beloved mom. Gisele is amazing! In this photo, Gisele hugs her mom on a golf coarse, and they’re so adorable. The supermodel is super chick, and wears a matching skirt and crop top with navy stripes.

We can see Gisele throwing her hand in the air, and the other hand is around her mother. Is there anything better than a casual chic look? Her hair is amazing, and falls down in a natural wave.

The mother wears a loose-fitting leopard print dress with colorful details running through it. Her hair is up in a braided ponytail. This woman knows how to wear her chic sunglasses.

The rainbow caught everyone’s attention. This was their lucky day. “A special rainbow for the most special woman! Happy 70th birthday mom! We love you!! Um arco-iris especial para a mulher mais especial de todas! Feliz 70 anos maezinha. Te amamos!!!” the caption read.

Fans rushed to wish the mom’s birthday. “Awesome! It’s my birthday as well! Happy Birthday to your mom @gisele May she be blessed with many more!! #JulyBabiesAreTheBest,” a Twitter user commented.

That’s how you show respect for your loved ones. Gisele is an amazing woman, and her family is happy to have her.

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