Here’s How LeBron James Celebrated Lakers Deal

LeBron James came out of a stressful period, and it’s time for parties. Well, it’s not like we weren’t stressed at all. Everybody was just getting excited about LeBron’s next move, and the excitement grew as he started getting closer to the Los Angeles Lakers.

This time King James landed in the gorgeous Italy, and yes, he deserves a vacation. LeBron decided to have some ‘me-time’ after putting pen to paper. His four-year deal is worth $154 million. Oh, those Lakers colors sure look great on him. James even had his workout equipment in yellow and purple.

King James and his family boarded a yacht in Positano. It’s a fancy city located on the Amalfi coast. Positano is the spot where Magic Johnson loves to spend his luxury family vacation.

Magic’s wife Cookie Johnson already said they’re planning to rent out the yacht they vacationed on last summer. It’s $700,000 per week.

Is she trying to say that Magic Johnson and King James are vacationing together? Great things are about to happen.
LeBron has traveled pretty much lately. We saw him in Anguilla last week. He had to fly back to Los Angeles and sign his great deal. It’s vacation time!

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