Here’s Why LeBron James Chose Lakers Over Cavaliers And Other NBA Teams

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost a big fish, and the team may not have the best results in the season. LeBron James gave their full potential, and his departure will definitely have an impact on the Cavs results.

LeBron is a talented player, and he knows how to get the best out of it. That’s why he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. King James spent 10 years of his career playing for the Cavaliers. They found their way to the NBA Finals thanks to him. So, why did the king leave?

LeBron made it official. His contract with the Lakers is now put on paper, and he will play for the Lakers in the next four years. James is thankful for everything the Cavs have done for him, allowing him to get this far.

Fans still discuss over the reasons James had to leave Cleveland. He became a free agent, and multiple teams wanted him, including the Philadelphia 76ers, the Houston Rocket and the Cavs.

Lee Jenkins has more on the topic.

“Much was made of the Lakers quest to acquire Kawhi Leonard from the Spurs or sign Paul George from the Thunder as a precursor to landing James. [Magic] Johnson, already jilted by George, didn’t have either in hand. James explained that he was in no rush, even at 33, and did not have a problem being the first headliner through the door. He wants to build a contender that lasts and believes the Lakers possess the recruiters, the assets and the salary cap space to do it,” he said.

Jenkins discussed a lot about James’ decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers. He managed to do so thanks to the tons of information on LeBron’s reasons to go to LA. Let’s hope that the king made a smart choice.

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