Reggie Miller Makes Bold Prediction About Where LeBron James Will Sign

Everybody is just talking about LeBron James’ free agency, and there are so many questions to be answered at the moment. Suitors also hope to land the Big LeBron, and Brian Windhorst fueled the fire. He suggested that the NBA star may sign with the Los Angeles Lakers or stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Windhorst also believes that LeBron will make a decision based on his family’s needs. Reggie Miller said it the other way around.

“I don’t think Houston is in the running for that same reason. I don’t think his family feels comfortable going to Houston. I think it’s really where his family is going to be qualifies the teams, you have to get his wife Savannah and his sons to say yes. I think L.A. and Cleveland pass that, and I think that’s why they’re in the drivers seat right now, those two teams,” Windhorst said. Guess what Reggie Miller thinks…

Reggie Miller made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, and said something similar to Windhorst’s claims. The only difference is the fact that LeBron may eventually sign with the Clippers instead of going to Los Angeles.

“I could see him moreso playing for the Clippers than I would the Lakers. I don’t think he wants to follow in Kobe Bryant’s shadow. I think if he goes to the Clippers, right now he could be arguably the greatest Clipper ever in three to four years. If he plays three or four years for the Clippers, he would be the greatest…” Miller said.

Dan was more interested in the existing comparison between LeBron and Kobe. He asked Miller about the possibility that LeBron takes the other way.

“That’s a big shadow. Because if he doesn’t win, everyone’s going to be like ‘well, he’s not Kobe!’ And now the pecking order goes… regular fans are going to be like ‘Michael, then Kobe, and then probably LeBron,’ because he couldn’t deliver a championship to the Lakers,” Miller responded.

What will LeBron do next? That’s the big question.

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