High School Basketball Junior Brought LeBron and Dwayne Wade To Their Feet (VIDEO)

All young basketball players wish for one day to be spotted by some major names who would offer them contracts, but even when some professional player watches them play it’s like a dream come true for them.

Malachi Wideman, a rising junior with some big hops on the court who plays high school basketball at Riverview in Sarasota, Florida, shares the same dream. Luckily for him, it has sort of become a reality last Thursday night.

Not only did he have two major stars watch him play, he also managed to bring them both to their feet as he unleashed two incredible dunks.

As proud basketball dads, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade attended the Las Vegas Fab 48 youth tournament.

Wade’s son Zaire was playing on the same team with Wideman, which drew James — and family — as well as Wade to take a seat and catch the action.

Wideman’s highlight reel dunks left an impression on both NBA stars who won two NBA championships together with the Miami Heat.

The entire action was caught on tape, and both videos went viral with more than 700,000 combined views between the two.

As for Malachi, he can proudly say he’s taken the first step towards becoming professional basketball player. We wish him good luck!

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