How Much LeBron James Spends On His Body Is Just Insane, And It’s More Than Million Dollars!

LeBron James is a 33-year-old power machine who rocks the basketball court. This man is one of the greatest basketball stars the world has ever seen. And guess what… He makes sure every inch of him is properly taken care of. Yes, you read that right. LeBron takes a good care of his body, and he’s been doing a great job for 15 seasons now.

LeBron has many accomplishments in his career, and his longevity is the most impressive of them all. King James is a physically dominant player, and he made sure things go in his favor. Sources reveal that he spends seven figures a year. Some say that he spends $1.5 million a year on his body! This amount includes services from trainers, massage therapists, chefs, appliances, and of course, his home gym. Malcolm Gladwell talked to James’ business partner Maverick Carter, and found out that LeBron spends this much on his body. Wow.

And yes, LeBron won’t slow down in near future.

It’s interesting to note that LeBron sees his body as an investment. “Where a lot of people don’t do it, he puts a lot of money behind taking care of his body. A lot of people think it’s a big expense, but that big expense has allowed him to make a lot more money for a long period of time,” LeBron’s former teammate Mike Miller said.

LeBron has an army of people who work for him, including chefs, trainers and massage therapists. In 2015, he had back problems, and decided to work with David Alexander, the trainer he worked with in Miami. This led to a collaboration with Donnie Raimon, an expert in biomechanics.

If by any chance you didn’t know it, LeBron replicated the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavs’ gyms in his homes. Wow again.


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