Jimmy Garoppolo Opens Up About Why He And Tom Brady ‘Wanted To Kill Each Other’

Jimmy Garoppolo is in the center of all events. Again.

It turns out that the former Patriot is about to open up about the reasons he had to join the 49ers. Jimmy Garoppolo was part of the Pats team for 3.5 years. Well, he didn’t really enjoy being in the shadow of Tom Brady.

Garoppolo started just two games during his time with the Pats. Brady was suspended, and that was the only time he could shine brighter than his quarterback fellow.

There would be days where one of us would win and you wouldn’t talk to the other for a little while. We’d be fine the next day, but it was one of the best things for me. We would push each other and we got two Super Bowls out of it,” Garoppolo said of his relationship with Brady.

“The competitiveness between the two of us was very similar. If I’m playing my best friend in one-on-one basketball, if we are both into it, by the end, we are going to hate each other. That’s how it is. All the good competitors have that. We got along, but there were always times where we wanted to kill each other. It was a healthy, competitive relationship,” he added.

He went on talking about head coach Bill Belichick. “There was no BS’ing around. I related to him in that way, as crazy as it sounds. He’s different than he is with the media. He has dry humor — he would say some stuff that was borderline mean. He would put up a lowlight clip every once in a while, and it was always your worst throws from practice. He would put it up there, and you already knew what was about to happen. Any position, there are so many people on the outside hyping you up and saying good things, that everyone needs to be brought back down,” Garoppolo said.

Well, we understand his point. Will Brady respond to these comments?

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