Jimmy Garoppolo Reveals His Secret About Tom Brady In an Interview

Jimmy Garoppolo is pretty confident in himself. Yes, his confidence is sky high. No, we’re not talking about his dates. It’s more about his professional football career, and his opinion of the game.

The New England Patriots drafter Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round of the 2014 NFL draft. He was already seeing himself as the best quarterback of all times. Can you imagine that Garoppolo even thinks he was much better than Brady? What a confidence.

You read that right. Garoppolo thought he was better than the quarterback star. According to most Pats fans, this is just a blasphemy. But, 49ers fans would love to hear this.

“Even when I was a little kid, my brothers, whenever we would play, I would literally always think I was going to win. I wouldn’t but I would always think that. It’s like when I go to New England, when I first got there, I thought in my head, ‘I’m better than this dude,’” Garoppolo said.


“It was always a quiet confidence. I would never speak that. Yeah, you believe in yourself. That’s the best way to put it. I’m not stupid. You have to pick your battles, but I had belief in myself that I could do certain things, and it’s always worked out pretty well. It will always be in me, that drive that comes from my dad telling me that someone is always working harder, that I’m always in last place and I need to catch up to someone else,” he added.

As you can see, Garoppolo is pretty serious about his talent. He doesn’t brag or anything. He just trusts his inner voice. Maybe this voice will keep him strong throughout his career, regardless of his surreal comparison. But, hey, we all have the best opinion of ourselves, do we?

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