LaVar Ball Broke His Silence On Relationship With LeBron James

LeBron James was well aware of the conditions surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers. He pulled a bold move, agreeing to a four-game contract worth $154 million. But, did he know that the Lakers are LaVar Ball’s team? Fans are super excited to see the way LaVar Ball welcomes LeBron.

“How we gotta worry about co-existing? He’s on the court and I’m off the court. (The media) did all that negativity and he still came,” LaVar Ball said when asked about his co-existing with LeBron James.

This is rather subdued for LaVar if you take into consideration the comments he made. Will he claim ownership of


LeBron James as the fourth Ball Brother? That would be an awesome fit.
Both LeBron and LaVar have huge personalities, and that’s what makes the whole deal thing even more exciting.

How will they coexist? Maybe the best solution would be to deal Lonzo to the Spurs in a trade effort for Kawhi Leonard. Before any of this happens, we can just enjoy seeing LeBron and LaVar in the same organization. That’s how entertainment works, and we’d enjoy every bit of it.

If you think better, LeBron and Lavar are pretty similar. They are proud fathers who give their best for their sons. And yes, they both think they could beat Michael Jordan in one-on-one. Is this even possible?

Maybe the whole friendship will break down to bits if Lonzo is forced into a minimized role as a result of the influx of Rajon Rondo and other veterans. This wouldn’t work for LaVar who won’t think twice before voicing his displeasure to reporters or social media.

But, one thing stands for sure – it will be more than fun to watch the Lakers. Make sure you watch the game, and enjoy the stories players make. Go, go!

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