LeBron James And Steph Curry Start Insane New Fashion Trend

Apparently, silicone is not just popular among the ladies anymore!

You might have seen LeBron James wearing something black on his ring finger and you were wondering what it is. Well, that is a QALO silicone rings, and they are being rocked by James himself on and off the court.

The QALO rings are silicone wedding bands made primarily for athletes who can’t wear a real band while they play or while they’re on the go.

Between agreeing to join the Lakers and picking out which cigar he wanted to use, LeBron James was seen sporting a QALO band. He was also wearing it when he signed that Lakers contract.

We admit, LeBron’s normal wedding bands are definitely fit for a king, they do seem a bit heavy. So, it’s safe to assume he wanted to have something a little more practical to wear on an every day basis.

And the kind is not the only one!

As it appears, this is one of the hottest trends among athletes right now. The Baby Faced Assassin is sporting them too. Steph Curry was also seen carrying his trophy while rockin’ the QALO.

James and Curry are not the only athletes wearing the bands.

Harrison Barnes


Mike Trout

Bryce Harper

Nick Foles

Kris Bryant

As it says on their official site, QALO stands for “Quality, Athletics, Love, Outdoors”, so we hope that by spreading this trend, athletes will promote those things as well, inspiring and encouraging people all over the world.


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