LeBron James May Become an NBA Owner, Claims His Business Partner

LeBron James is playing big, and his Los Angeles Lakers deal is not the biggest thing these days. King James signed a four-year contract worth $154 million, and the Lakers will enjoy both his skills and talent for a long, long time. Some say that the king may even retire in the Lakers uniform. But, we have an info that LeBron may even become an NBA owner.

Being an athlete means that you retire earlier than people of other professions. So, LeBron and his teammates will have to work on a post-retirement plan. Guess what LeBron’s business partner said about the chances of seeing LeBron as an NBA Owner.

Maverick Carter made a few nice comments on the possibility that LeBron owns a US professional sports franchise. It could be basketball or maybe even football.

“He does like football and he’s looked at football ownership, so he’ll be owning a basketball team and running it,” Carter said.

Let’s not forget that King James already has 2% stake in England’s Liverpool soccer club.

LeBron is all about basketball at the moment, and Carter is more interested in media and content production.

The SpringHill Entertainment founder is pretty busy working on uninterrupted. It’s a media production company considered as platform for athletes who want to tell the story of their life out of the field or the basketball court.

“They are more than just athletes, but sometimes the world doesn’t see them that way. Once the world sees you as that one thing, and the better you are at that thing, the more you can only be that thing,” Carter added.

His company is engaged in tons of projects. They’re working on traditional television shows, movies and online-only content.

What’s LeBron’s major interest at the moment? Which team will attract his attention? Will it be Liverpool?

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