LeBron James Decision On The Opportunity To Play With DeMarcus Cousins Revealed

The possibility to sign unrestricted free agent DeMarcus Cousins was galaxies away.
This move would put LeBron James and DeMarcus Cousins on the field together. Doesn’t really work, right?

DeMarcus Cousins surprised us with his announcement of the decision to join the Golden State Warriors. He claimed to have agreed to a one-year deal.

He forget to say that he refused to extend his contract with the New Orleans Pelicans just two hours earlier than the surprise.

New York Times NBA insider Marc Stein said Cousins hoped to join LeBron in the Lakers, but the 16-time champion turned down the idea.

“Word also reached us Monday night that LeBron’s Lakers, after signing Rajon Rondo away from New Orleans and then losing [Julius] Randle to the Pelicans, had an opportunity to sign Cousins at a one-year price point similar to the one that landed him in Golden State. But I’m told the Lakers passed, clearing the way for the Warriors to infuriate the basketball public yet again,” Stein said.

Cousins still recovers from a torn Achilles. We don’t have much information about his return, but recoveries usually last up to 18 months.

Lakers fans had different opinion on the matter. Some questioned why the team didn’t pull the rigger on landing the 27-year-old player. Others supported GM Rob Pelinka for handling he deal with skepticism.

“We’ve seen first hand the drop off after an Achilles tear and that was with someone who took the best care of their body in the league and worked his ass off as hard as anyone would to get back,” one of the comments read, in reference to Kobe Bryant’s recovery in 2013.

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