LeBron James Jr. Crushes Another Heckler and Breaks Defender’s Ankles With LBJ Watching (Video)

LeBron James Jr. is following his father’s footsteps.

Having the drawing power that even transcends his father at this age, his mix tapes have more than a half-million views. He also led his team to a USBA National Championship in Charlotte and took an unofficial visit to Duke.

Playing on a national grassroots circuit lends to inevitable attention, which not always is a positive thing.

Little Bronny, however, has no intention of letting anyone stop him at his way to the stars. It seems no player or heckler alike can stop him on his rampage through AAU basketball.

Being the son of LeBron James sure has its perks, as no other middle school kid on earth has gotten as much attention playing a sport as he has. There’s already bets being placed on where he will go to college.

Despite the media pressure, as evident by this video, Bronny keeps his mind on the game and prove the haters wrong day in and day out.

That’s why people are still shocked by decision to heckle LeBron James’ son in front of  LeBron James himself. And not only that – it takes a real psycho to heckle a 13-year-old kid, regardless of who their father is.

Dick Vitale put it this way:

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