Los Angeles Lakers Announce Official Results From LeBron’s MRI

LeBron James is not the player that misses a game due to an injury, but even the king puts fans into panic mode. Lakers fans were really worried about the star as LeBron suffered a groin injury. King James has not missed a game this season, and played in each of the 82 games last season. However, he was hurt in the game against the Golden State Warriors, and had to do a MRI to get things clear.

LeBron slipped in the third quarter of the match, and limped off of the basketball court. He was in pain, and cameras caught him saying he heard a ‘pop.’ Hearing a pop is the last thing you need when dealing with an injury in the lower body. The NBA media was shocked to see the king limp off of the court as LeBron is one of the healthiest stars in the world of basketball. Shams Charania reported that, “MRI returned clean on the four-time NBA MVP LeBron James, league sources said.”

This was a relief for the front office and pretty much everyone related to the team and their success this season. Lakers trainers were worried about the popping sound LeBron heard.

Shams Charania also reported that LeBron is day-to-day after the MRI on his groin strain. LeBron is working his way back from the groin injury, and we do believe that he will miss a couple of games or even more.

LeBron understands that he was really lucky to “dodge a bullet.” Injury scares are the worst thing that can happen to a basketball player. the Lakers signed him to improve their rating and win more games, and losing LeBron is the last thing they need at the moment. LeBron is thankful for the positive development of events, and he thanked the “Almighty above.”

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