LeBron James Made a Decision For The Upcoming USA Basketball Minicamp Scheduled In July

LeBron James keeps filling headlines, and everyone is still buzzing over his decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers. But, the NBA star made the best decision ever, and he looks great in the golden-and-purple uniform. Fans are still talking about his departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, the king doesn’t mind any of the rumors. He opted for a four-year contract worth $154 million.

This move put him in the center of all events, and now everyone is following every step he makes. LeBron’s appearance at the NBA Summer League game fueled the fire, and the rest is history.

What most people don’t know is that LeBron James won’t stick around for the USA Basketball minicamp scheduled in July. The information was first reported by ESPN’s Dave McMenamin.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, because it’s more than clear that LeBron has other plans on his mind. We all know that he will make his first public comments at a school opening on July 30 in Akron. If by any chance you didn’t know it, Akron is his hometown.

James decided not to take part in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro with the USA team. What did he do? He brought the gold medal home. The All-Star player has an open-door policy when it comes to events of this kind. But, it will be super stunning if he chooses to do the same thing in a minicamp a couple of years before the next Olympics.

People said that LeBron may return to the international competition. Our guess is that he will sure make an appearance for the World Cup. But, LeBron and his agent should confirm any of these claims.

We will just wait and see what happens next. It may be a surprise. A good one, of course.


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