LeBron James Opens Up About The Relationship With His Mother

Gloria James is the woman that gave James LeBron his immense power. King James is one of the most successful players the NBA has ever seen, and his mother deserves all the respect she gets. LeBron did all of this because of his mom, and we praise her.

LeBron uses every occasion to talk about the woman who helped him become a champion. Gloria James is LeBron’s champion. The single mother managed to raise such a smart and talented man. The NBA superstar wrote a touching essay for “The Shiver Report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Bring.”

The Shiver Report helps the world understand the power of moms.

“I don’t know if she read about it, or she just heard about it, but from day one, I always had that mother and father inside my mother, so I never was a kid that was kind of like, ‘Where is my father?’ She gave me strength to a point where I never even had to think about that, and I have no idea where she got it from. To this day I still won’t even ask her, but she’s definitely the champion,” James said.

Gloria gave birth at the age of 16. She and her son lived in Akron, Ohio. Unfortunately, Gloria’s mom died of heart attack three years later, so the young mom and her kid had to move 12 times in three years. Gloria couldn’t do anything but send the 9-year-old LeBron to live with his youth football coach for a year. Luckily, she found a stable housing for the two of them, and things started getting better.

Gloria is a strong woman and an example for every mom struggling to do her best for the children. Her story needs to be heard, and we really hope it will give strength to all the women out there.

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