LeBron James Pranks People While Going Undercover As Employee At A Pizza Place (VIDEO)

LeBron James is the brightest star in the NBA, and he really knows how to attract everyone’s attention. But, the Big LeBron did an awesome prank at people, and nobody noticed. He managed to go undercover, and nobody recognized him. How can people not recognize him?

Well, fans would recognize LeBron James. Here’s what happened.

Can you imagine that there are people who didn’t recognize the four-time MVP? He was 3 feet in front of them, and they didn’t recognize him. Yes, it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

King James went undercover at Blaze Pizza in Pasadena, California. The very same pizza chain in which he holds equity. He posed as the latest employee, “Ron.”

Yes, there were weird looks, and some customer suspected, but nobody busted him. One of them said that James looked like Dwayne Wade, but that’s pretty much all.

He was just wearing a mask, and nobody recognized him. Can you believe it!

“Ron” said he was from Michigan, adding that he doesn’t know anything about basketball.

This was hilarious. Other NBA stars should do the same thing, and surprise fans. We could all use a good laugh, right? Good job, King James, you’re doing just fine.

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