Colby Covington Threatens LeBron James, Claims He’d Make Him ‘Eat The Canvas’ If They Fought

Former NBA star Nate Robinson’s fight with Jake Paul this past weekend made headlines, and triggered an avalanche of reactions. Basketball fans had something to say about these fights, and MMA fighter Colby Covington just takes the opportunity and threatens Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James.

The MMA fighter has made similar comments in the past, and LeBron doesn’t really pay attention to his ridiculous comments.

“Heard they finally scraped @nate_robinson’s carcass off the @staplescenter floor. I’d make @kingjames eat the canvas in half the amount of time. Everyone knows current @NBA players are the softest and most privileged athletes on the planet.”

Colby Covington threatens LeBron James without any result

Soft players? Well, LeBron’s fans would definitely hate this. Covington is playing games, and he is messing with the wrong army of fans. Is this his way of gaining popularity? He did the same not so long ago. Oh, LeBron won’t really waste his time responding to attacks of this kind. He took similar approach in the past. He is too busy winning championships and leading the Los Angeles Lakers to the top.

What was Covington thinking? Going after the greatest of all time? LeBron is the king of basketball and he is just minding his business. He doesn’t have any time for people like Covington.

Most fans would agree with the idea that Covington is just trying to buy fame. Getting into a thing with LeBron is ridiculous. He is not a professional. Professionals don’t act this way. He should just mind his business and fight his own fights. Messing with others around is awful.

When it comes to LeBron, he is getting ready for the upcoming season. The four-time NBA champion will play with a bunch of talented players. Anthony Davis will soon re-sign with the team, and he would play really well with Dennis Schroder, Marc Gasol, Wesley Matthews, Montrezl Harrell, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Kyle Kuzma, and the rest of the guys. Covington is not even important. LA players have greater things to do right now. Getting ready for back-to-back titles is a priority right now.