LeBron James Sends Emotional Message To Cavaliers Fans

LeBron James will spend the next four years in Los Angeles as he signed a four-year contract with the Lakers. King James left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the second time, but he will always have a special place in his heart for the team.

The decision triggered an avalanche of comments, and LeBron surprised everyone with his emotional message. This time he thanked the Cavaliers fans for all the love they gave him.

The Cleveland Cavaliers hoped to keep LeBron for at least one season, but it seems like the big star had other plans on his mind. The Los Angeles Lakers tried really hard to get his attention, and they finally did it.

Unlike the first time LeBron left the Cavs, owner Dan Gilbert honored LeBron in his emotional post-departure message. He thanked him for the one and only title in 2016, saying he will never forget that night.

Remember what happened the first time? Gilbert called him a traitor. But, this time it all went well. Gilbert is grateful for everything LeBron has done for his team. That’s why LeBron will always respect the Cavs and their leader.

LeBron posted a nice pic in his Instagram story. “Thank you Northeast Ohio for an incredible 4 seasons. This will always be home,” the picture read. Good job, LeBron, keep up the good job.

The four-year contract doesn’t say much for LeBron’s career. We remember how he said that he always believed that he’d return to Cleveland and finish his career there. We really hope that the NBA fans have learned to respect James’ word.

Even if King James never goes to Cleveland, that place will always have his mark pressed firmly. He was the most successful athlete in Cleveland’s history and he did so much for the the Cavs.

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