LeBron James to Have Starring Role In Upcoming Comedy Movie

LeBron James knows how to rock the world of basketball, and it seems like he will take another role. Can you imagine seeing him in a comedy movie? That would be hilarious!

King James’ production company SpringHill Entertainment has sold a pitch for a comedy movie to Paramount Players, as confirmed by Justin Kroll. We don’t have much info on the details, but the NBA star could be in talks for a starring role in the untitled movie.

If by any chance LeBron decides to play in a movie, his fans will support him. It’s not like this is his first appearance on the big screen. We’ve already seen him alongside Amy Schumer and Bill Hader in the 2015 Trainwreck.

The moving to Los Angeles means a lot more than you can think of. This will open so many opportunities for the NBA star, and he may accept the challenge to have some of Hollywood’s taste. That will be good on so many levels.

LeBron James is good at whatever he does, and we can definitely see him as an actor. He’s sealed so many deals. The bank account says it all. Keep up the good job, King James, you’re doing just fine!

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