LeBron James Turned Lumbar Back Support Into Fashion Statement

LeBron James has had a very busy summer. Besides signing that four-year, $154 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, he is also launching a YouTube original series, an unscripted show on HBO, and will even star in an animated film this fall. But he hasn’t forgotten about the most important things in his life – his family. He is spending all of his free time accompanying his kids around their various basketball tournaments.

Of course, there have been many photos showing LeBron do all these things. But one detail in those photos caught people’s attention. A little ‘accessory’ that James has been wearing around his waist all summer.

In Vegas, for instance, where he watched his son Bronny play.

Also while playing 1-on-1 with Bryce.

On his way to vacation.

In his Pulisic kit, posing for Instagram.

Make your own caption. Have fun..!!

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And even in the huddle with Bronny.

People have been wondering – what is that thing?

As it turns out, it’s a lumbar support. The official description is as follows:

The Original McKenzie® Lumbar Roll™, featuring a non-wrinkle, moisture-wicking, 100% polyester removable cover, is the top-selling lumbar cushion and the ideal companion in the car, at the office or for use with any seat that does not provide adequate lumbar support. The built-in strap secures the lumbar roll to most chair backs and can even be used around the waist.

Ok. Does that mean that LeBron has back problems?

He has struggled with back issues regularly. His back was the reason he took two weeks off during the middle of the season in 2015. And at the beginning for the 2016 playoffs, he said it was the first time his back had been healthy in “half a decade.”

Whatever it is, we just hope it helps. And for those of you who have back problems, this costs an easy $20, so YOU can wear it too… LeBron-style!

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