LeBron Shares Awesome Video Fan Created of Him Playing With Bronny on Lakers

LeBron James is one of the brightest stars in the NBA league, and it seems like his son LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. will be as awesome as his father. Fans are already talking about them playing on the same basketball court in near future. Guess what… James can’t wait for this to happen.

It would be great to see the NBA star playing with his son in the same game. There’s a huge possibility that this happens, and Kyle Kuzma is already warming up to it. LeBron is fine with the idea, and so are we.

This particular NBA fan is more than thrilled about the idea of LeBron playing with Bronny. He even made an animated video showing the two off them in the game. Yes, the Lakers name was there’ too.


It’s more than obvious that Bronny has inherited his father’s good genes and talent. Like father, like son, remember?

The NBA fan was thinking about this when he put the whole thing together.
James LeBron liked it, and shared it on his official Instagram account. There’s no greater honor than this one.

We really hope that LeBron has the same strength at the time his son enters the big league. Haters say that he may not be this dominant by that time, but that’s just what haters do. But, one may never know. Maybe Bronny will actually be the spark for his father. Maybe he will will give him a hand and eventually turn back the clock if they end up playing in the same squad.

So, this video was welcomed by the audience, and maybe others will follow. It’s awesome, promising and bright. Let’s see if Adam Silver and the NBA rig the draft to turn the idea into reality. Cheer up, guys, Bronny has a bright future in front of him.

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