Lonzo Ball Has Amazing Response to LeBron For Joining The Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers fans dreamed big, and their sweetest dreams involved LeBron James. Well, King James has already signed in with the Lakers, and now they have the opportunity to see him rocking. Lonzo Ball responded to LeBron’s decision to join the Lakers.

LeBron’s official decision surprised most players, and Lonzo Ball had quite an interesting response. He didn’t think twice before sharing his emotions on the current situation. Lonzo even said that he never doubted the decision.

“Y’all really thought he was gonna pass up the greatest city in the world… #TheKingIsHere,” he tweeted.

This tweet will definitely mark the beginning of a huge debate. People will give their opinion on social networks, but we’ll all remember the day when LeBron signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Lonzo wasn’t the only player to comment on LeBron’s decision. Kyle Kuzma also tweeted his reaction, and he made that right after the info went public.

The City of Angels will become the center of great events. Another brilliant player joined the game. But, how will Lonzo’s father, LaVar Ball react to this?

“Lavar Ball showing up to the Lakers front office when LeBron James starts talking about trading Lonzo Ball,” the father tweeted.

Let the magic begin…

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