Michael Beasley Would Beat LeBron James In One-On-One Every Time

Michael Beasley will be playing with LeBron James next season, and he’s joining the king for the second time in his professional career. LeBron’s signing with the team was a big deal these days, and the addition of Beasley is making headlines. But, what surprised us the most is the respect Beasley has for LeBron.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, King James respects Michael Beasley and his amazing skills. This makes sense in so many levels, because Beasley is a talented player. He averaged 21.3 points and 9.0 rebounds per 36 minutes in 2017 season. Statistics shows he shot nearly 40.0 percent from downtown.

Beasley is pretty confident about the next season. His confidence is taking him super high, as this player believes his talent matches up nicely with huge stars like James LeBron and Kevin Durant. It may seem crazy to you, but Durant has already said that he’s “feeling him” on that. Do big stars recognize each other’s power? I guess so.

Tom Haberstrih was covering the Heat, and he discussed the match-up of both players when they had the chance to play against each other.

“Legit, in practice in Miami, I would watch these practices where LeBron and Michael Beasley would go at it — like one-on-one. And Beasley would beat him every time. He’s so good!” Haberstroh said.

The lack of talent was never an issue. Int his 2014 article, Gary Washburn says that King James isn’t really pleased with Beasley’s lac of focus.

It’s been four years now, and Beasley probably turned himself into a better player. We remember how he said to have spoken with James in order to “bounce certain situations off.” LeBron even helped him during his career. They will sure match again.

LeBron is a brilliant player, and Beasley will compliment his game.

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