NFL Just Lost A Major Sponsor, They Are Firing At Roger Goodell

The National Football League faces serious problems, and this time they’re losing a major sponsor.

Losing a sponsor is the worst plot twist you can imagine.

Papa John Schnatter has had a bad week, as he was forced out of his own company. This happened after he made a racist remark that was later leaked to the public. And the company has declining sales.

Schatter went on the WHAS Radio in Louisville to talk about the sales decline, and the N-word. He resigned from the University of Louisville’s board of trustees.

He used his appearance to make a few comments, and let’s just say that some people won’t be happy about it.
Schatter went after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, saying that the league’s failure to stop anthem protests goes to the pizza chain’s bottom line.

“We are very glad to get out of the NFL relationship, because we still get to sponsor some players and we still get to sponsor some teams and we still get to be part of the community. But we don’t want to do business with Roger Goodell, period. And I don’t want to do business with Roger Goodell, and we’ve had enough success where we get to pick who we do business with. And Roger Goodell runs the NFL, and we made a decision to get a divorce, and we did,” Schnatter said in his interview.

Blasting Goodell is not the most pleasant strategy. Yes, Schatter believes that the dirty anthem kneelers damage his ability to keep the Turkish pepperoncini-farming industry afloat.

“At a time when teams like the Falcons (temporarily, at least) and Seahawks (permanently) have ended their partnerships with Papa John’s, the effort by Schatter — who remains a major shareholder in the company he founded — to target Goodell personally could result in some calls being made from 345 Park Avenue to other owners of other teams in an effort to get all franchises to sever ties with Papa John’s, and to replace Schnatter’s company with Pizza Hut or Domino’s or anything but Papa John’s,” Mike Florio said on the matter.

Well, things like this happen all the time.


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