Patriots LB Elandon Roberts Makes Heart-Warming Gesture For His Passed Away Aunt

Elandon Roberts fills headlines with his annual heart walk. It’s a memorable event, and Roberts has a personal reason to make the move. The New England Patriots linebacker hosts the second annual heart walk at Memorial High School in Port Arthur, Tex.

This event is organized in honor and loving memory of Felicia Carrier-Christian. Elandon Roberts loves his aunt so much, and he will have the pleasure to honor her. Felicia died of heart disease at 42. This happened during her nephew’s rookie season.

“When it creeps up on someone (so young), you’re like, ‘Man.’ A lot of people had reached out to me and were like ‘Yeah, my cousin passed away at 37 from it and my aunt passed away at 47.’ I was like, ‘Wow, this is really a lot of people.’ I started doing a lot of research on it, and basically started seeing that it was the No. 1 silent killer in the United States,” Roberts said.

And he’s right. Heart disease is a silent killer, and it takes so many lives each year. The condition sometimes goes unnoticed, and patients can’t find a way to cope with the consequences.

Roberts decided to take action. The first thing he did was organize a heart walk at Memorial High School a year ago. The event became quite a thing, and this year it will be even better. Over 500 participants were registered, and there will also be free heart screenings for attendants. Local restaurants will serve healthy meals.

“It’s humbling because you know you’re doing it for a cause. You’re not doing it for popularity or just to say I did something. You’re actually doing to really help people, and to help in your community,” Roberts added.

The player hopes that his heart walk will become a tradition.

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