REPORT: Cavs About to Trade Everyone!

The Cleveland Cavaliers face tons of problems at the moment, and it all started with LeBron’s decision to leave the team. King James left the Cavs for the second time in his career, and things went down the hill.

LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lagers, and the Cavs can’t do anything but think of their next move. Now what? The team doesn’t have a chance of contending once again. The Cavs believe that standing still means you’re accepting your loss. So, now they are trying to move forward. Stepping back at the moment is their only alternative.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will probably ditch talented players, and reset their franchise.


Kevin Love is the first to go, as rumors say. Well, the sad part comes when you realize that he’s not the only player to go.


The team didn’t plan to take a step forward, but everything changed after LeBron’s departure. He was their only hope in terms of gaining solid numbers. Their only alternative is to rack up draft picks for their future game.

Love isn’t the only player to help other teams win. The same applies to George Hill and Kyle Korver. They have every chance of finding a new home before the beginning of the season.

This should be no surprise for Cleveland fans. The team is just trying to live a life without LeBron.


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