Report: Edelman Never Argued ‘Unknown Substance’ During Appeal

Julian Edelman has very few chances of fixing his current situation. The wide receiver didn’t manage to appeal the four-game suspension, and this put him on the bench for the first quarter of the Pats’ game.

Julian Edelman hoped to build a strong defense on two main pillars. The information of the denial came a few days after the hearing. Edelman hoped that his appeal would work. First, he hoped to convince everyone in the murkiness around the “unknown substance” that gave his positive results. There was the League’s “mishandling documentation and delivery of Edelman’s test results.” The investigation showed that the league mishandled Edelman’s test results. So, why didn’t this work?

Edelman took these two arguments in his pockets, and tried to lift the suspension. But the appeal was denied. This happened despite the fact that the wide receiver built up a strong case.

It’s interesting to note that Edelman didn’t even use his tools to win the battle. He didn’t say anything about the mishandling of the test results.

Ben Volin of The Boston Globe said that the NFL player never talked about taking an “unknown substance” during the appeal. The only thing they mentioned was the possibility that the league mishandled the paperwork. Not the strongest defense, right?

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