Report: Former Patriots CB Arrested After Police Chase

The world of football was struck by another arrest, and this time it was the two-time Super Bowl champion, Brandon Browner. NBC Los Angeles confirmed the information about the arrest. The incident followed after a major police chase in California. The Patriots can’t be proud of this, right?

The former NFL name was wanted after the disturbing phone call from a residence to a person who was in a relationship with Browner. According to sources, the former Patriots star broke in the home in an order to force the victim to go back in the house. The female victim tried to make a run, and also said that Browner threatened to kill her.
Police sources confirm that the former player was in a relationship with the woman. It was also confirmed that Browner was arrested on domestic violence charges against the woman. She even required a restraining order. The former NFL player was taken into custody on felony charges.

The 33-year-old player had a great career before his criminal history. He was undrafted in 2005, and had a pretty star-studded career. He won two Super Bowls, had a Pro Bowl invite and numerous achievements in the Canadian Football League. His fresh start with the Denver Broncos opened the door for many successful contracts, including the ones with the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, etc.

Browner didn’t have the brightest end of his career. He was arrested several times, and faced multiple criminal accusations. The last arrest was the fourth in his “criminal carer” last year.

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