Report: Huston Rockets Have Released Their Decision About LeBron James

LeBron James didn’t quite say a word about the Houston Rockets, and it seemed like he eliminated the team from consideration. Many thought that he’d join the Rockets after becoming a free agent.

The Houston Rockets couldn’t sign in LeBron James in the previous league year. But, their hope grew again, as they may acquire LeBron. There’s a possibility that they make a deal. Some experts believe that the team doesn’t have much chance of landing King James.

The Rockets have issues in creating a max cap space. James Harden will make $30.4 million in the season, and Chris Paul will accept to a four-year contract. His salary will start at $35.6. the cap is $101.8 million, and even if the team eliminates other salaries, they will still have to give around $66 million to these two players. Those $35.8 million won’t be enough for them to sign LeBron.

But, there is a chance of reaching a sign-and-trade agreement. So, if the team acquires LeBron, they won’t exceed the $129,817,000 in overall salary.

Eric Gordon earns $13.5 million, P.J. Tucker received $8 million, and Gerald Green signed a $2.4 million contract. The Rockets are left with $29.5 million, meaning they could send Clint Capela to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and get James.

Nice plan, right?

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