REPORT: LeBron Has Made His Decision on Where He’s Signing in Free Agency

LeBron James is the biggest name in the world of NBA, and he has made his final decision. People were talking a lot about his free agency, and it seems like it’s happening. LeBron said his final word, and fans are sort of fine with it.
It’s not an official announcement, but it’s more than enough for us to understand that LeBron made a move forward. Remember the photo of him caught standing at an airport in Los Angeles?

Well, James has already determined his next destination, and we’ll know more about it at the beginning of the next week.

“LeBron has made his decision & informed those close to him. Expect the official announcement Tuesday morning,” Nick Wright tweeted.

Maybe he will go to Los Angeles, and maybe he will stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Are the Celtics even part of the game? Fans believe that LeBron may actually surprise us all.

“Philadelphia is meeting with LeBron James and his reps today in Los Angeles, league sources tell ESPN,” Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted. Is this a hint? This came just moments before Wright gave the big news.

Woj said that James won’t meet with the 76ers in person, and it’s just his representatives to go there. That’s a big info, right?

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