Report: LeBron James Reveals Plans After Retirement

While LeBron James is still able to play like he did in his early-20s, the reality is when his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers is over, James will be 37 years old and will likely consider retiring.

Retirement will come sooner or later, but James has already set up himself up nicely. Along with the roughly $233 million he’s made playing in the NBA and his rumored lifetime deal with Nike worth up to $1 billion, James also has endorsement deals with Sprite, Beats and Kia Motors.

However, despite his financial security, the 33-year-old has some major plans for when he decides to hang up his sneakers, including business with the NBA. In an recent interview, Maverick Carter talked about his longtime friend and business partner’s dream of owning an NBA team somewhere down the line:

“10 years from now I think, well I don’t think, I know, LeBron will be owning a basketball team. Or maybe even a football team, because he does like football and he’s looked at football ownership. So he’ll be owning a basketball team and running it.”

James already has experience in owning a professional sports team. In 2011, he received a two percent stake in the Premier League football club Liverpool FC for $6.5 million, which is now worth nearly $32 million.

He’s also the controlling owner of the Toronto Raptors, together with Kobe Bryant.

If there’s any former player that can feasibly own the next NBA team that goes on sale, it’s James, but the question is – which team would have that luck? The most plausible answer is, of course, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As a proud native of Akron, Ohio, it’s safe to assume James would love to own the Cavaliers even if it meant having to buy them off of current Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, who was reportedly a big reason James left Cleveland this summer.

If that deal doesn’t happen any time soon, though, James might just buy the first team that becomes available and use his brand to make it more marketable.

However, James owning a team is still likely a long way off. Until then, fans will just have to try and savor every second they see James on the court.

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