Report: LeBron ‘King of LA’ Mural Vandalized!

The arrival of James LeBron in Los Angeles wasn’t the most pleasant surprise for some Lakers fans. Moreover, one of them used social media to ask people in Los Angeles if they can destroy the mural created in King James’ honor. This person even offered money! Our biggest fears came true, and the mural was destroyed.

LeBron left the Cleveland Cavaliers, and agreed to a four-year contract with the Lakers. This contract is the ultimate deal in his NBA career, and King James will get about $154 million. But, why was this fan so angry at LeBron? Why was the King James mural destroyed?


The NBA superstar is a three-time champion, and he’s been acting pretty wisely when it comes to signing contracts.

He had an awesome season with the Cavs, and played a total of 82 games with the team. He led the league in minutes played per match, and doesn’t even act like he’s 33. LeBron averaged 27.5 points, 9.1 assists, and 8.6 rebounds per game. The Cavs made their way to the NBA finals, and the Golden State Warriors swept them away.


So, LeBron thought it would be nice if he does things differently. The Cavs can’t be angry at him. He brought them pretty high in the league. This man has to take care of his career, and that’s exactly what he did. LeBron waved ‘goodbye’ to Cleveland, and went to LA. Cleveland will always be his home, but LA would give him a much better chance to win another award.

The vandalized mural says something else. What made this fan so angry at LeBron’s success? There were words like “we don’t want you” and “NO KING.”

LeBron is the brightest star in the league, and he deserves a better treatment. Keep up the good job, LeBron!

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