Report: The Reason Why LeBron Signed With Lakers Unveiled

LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers days ago, but many thought he’d go back for at least one season. This didn’t happen, and King James joined the Lakers family. The deal happened right after Magic Johnson promised to bring another superstar-level talent back to Los Angeles. Is there anyone better than the Big LeBron? Of course not.

Johnson’s role in the Lakers organization had a huge impact on the latest development of events. He was the reason James signed with the Lakers. It seems like LeBron liked he idea of working with Johnson, as confirmed by a report from Lee Jenkins. Johnson even called LeBron’s home on Saturday night to help him make the right choice.

“He talked with Kobe Bryant over the phone and invited Magic Johnson to his house in Brentwood. Late Saturday night, Johnson walked through the door,” Jenkins reported.

“In Cleveland, James played for Dan Gilbert and in Miami for Pat Riley. He relates to Johnson, the Lakers president, on an entirely different level. In terms of personality, playing style, community involvement and business aspiration, there may be only one figure in sports quite like James, and it’s Johnson. James’s associates could sense that the idea of a partnership with Johnson enthralled him,” he added.

“In a personal sense, James is taking a staggering risk, moving at a relatively advanced age to a place with astronomic expectations and peculiar pressures. If all goes well, and the Lakers rediscover glory, he joins the pantheon with Shaq and Kareem. If it doesn’t, and they remain stuck behind Golden State and Houston, what does that look like? Subtweets from Kobe? Jabs from LaVar? Diss tracks from 21-year-old sidekicks? In Cleveland, James was lionized for reasons beyond basketball. The L.A. experience may remind him more of Miami, where it was win or else. Someday, in the next several years, James will not be the best player in the world or the biggest draw in the sport. To win, he will need a lure besides himself, and here is where Magic and the Lakers come in. Despite all of L.A.’s recent free-agent whiffs, NBA players almost universally acknowledge that the Lakers are the league’s most attractive destination, as long as they meet a baseline for talent and competence. With Johnson and Rob Pelinka, with Ingram and Kyle Kuzma, they’ve crossed the threshold.”


Do you think he is right? Is this why LeBron signed the deal?

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