Report: Tom Brady Sent Surprising Gift To Jared Goff

Jared Goff was only 7 when Pats quarterback Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl.

Yes, you read that right. Brady was already a star when the league was even a possibility for Jared Goff. It’s funny to note that Jared doesn’t remember the NFl without Brady and the New England Patriots.

In one of his interviews, Goff talked about the awesomeness of being able to play against Brady and Drew Bress in his rookie year. “Being able to see them work was mind-blowing. I was this guy’s age when they were they were my age and like, growing up and seeing that and then playing against them, it was like holy smokes. This is unbelievable,” he said.

Goff didn’t have a good game with the Pats, and completed less than 44 percent of the passes. However, Brady saw something in him. They’re actually sharing northern California roots and golden boy images.

When the Patriots quarterback released his TB12 Method book, he sent a copy to Goff. That was probably the best present he has ever had. “A year ago, Tom actually sent me his TB12 book and signed it and wrote, ‘Good luck with everything.’ And that was kind of cool. Again, like, how cool is that?”

This season connects Brady and Goff in several aspects. Th Rams traded Brandin Cooks in an effort to provide Goff with a deep threat after Sammy Watkins became free agent. Brady reached the Super Bowl with Cooks, but after all the offseason moves, fans see Goff winning it with Cooks. None of this will happen if Brady is concerned. Let’s not forget that Goff approved the TB12 Method, and the Rams may even surprise the Pats this time.

It will be fun to watch the next season. We can already make our predictions.

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