Report: Tristan Thompson Makes Surprising Announcement About LeBron James

LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers and flew to Los Angeles to sign a magnificent four-year contract. This left the Cavs in deep sorrow for their favorite player. Most Cavs feel sorry for themselves after King James left the team. But, Tristan Thompson isn’t buying any of this.

The 27-year-old player thinks he can become a superstar without having LeBron around. This announcement was confirmed by Jason Brow. Is Tristan Thompson right? Is there really an opportunity for him to become a star?

“Now that LeBron is gone, the Cleveland Cavaliers are in a situation where almost anything can happen. But with those thoughts as they are, nobody expects them to even get close to the NBA Finals,” sources close to Thompson said.

Colton Jones of Amico Hoops talked about this theory, and offered a brand new perspective.
But, sources say that Thompson “feels like this could be a great opening and opportunity to where he could become a superstar in the NBA.”

Thompson will stay with the Cavaliers for two more years until the end of his contract. “The insider tells that he plans to ‘take the next two seasons of his career to make himself into something special. And he feels that can happen in Cleveland,’” Brow wrote.

“Being traded wouldn’t be his first option,” Brow’s source revealed.

This is super silly if you take into consideration the condition in the team. Thompson wasn’t actually a superstar during his pre-LeBron time in the Cleveland Cavaliers. He wasn’t a superstar during LeBron’s time in the team, and he may not become a superstar in near future. So, what was he trying to say? Does Thomson even know the real meaning of the word ‘superstar?’

Let’s see what happens next. It’s funny how many players see themselves as superstars.

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