Revealed: How LeBron James Made A Decision To Sign With Lakers

LeBron James made his final decision, and Lakers fans are thrilled to see him putting pen to paper. LeBron’s decision was one of the most speculated topic these days.

The NBA star decided to opt out of the last year of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron made a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, and basketball fans went crazy. King James surprised us all.

This is just the beginning. It’s strange how LeBron’s agent met with the Philadelphia 76ers earlier in the day. We didn’t expect the announcement until Tuesday, and yes, it was a real surprise. Although this was a rather speculated possibility, James headed to Los Angeles after all.

ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst has more info on the development of events. “This was always going to be the place. It was always a two-horse race between Cleveland and Los Angeles,” he said.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne followed the situation as well. “How did the Lakers close this? Magic Johnson went to one of LeBron’s houses in LA late Saturday night and met with him for several hours,” she said.

“The Lakers all planned to congregate at their facility last night for free agent calls. Magic was expected to be there. Instead he was at LeBron’s house— closing,” she added minutes later.

“This was a very hush-hush operation. Lakers knew they needed to give Bron space to decide and announce it as he wanted. None of us reporters could even confirm they’d been in touch whereas calls with Cavs & Sixers leaked. Says something on the discipline for all involved,” Shelburne explained.

LeBron James is a big name in the NBA world. Fans follow every step he makes, and we really hope that he’d fit well in the Lakers family. He’s King James after all, and everyone was waiting for him to sign with the Lakers.


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