Rob Gronkowski Goes On A Dangerous Swimming With Sharks In Bahamas (VIDEO)

Sharks ain’t got nothing on Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. Yes, you read that right. The brilliant player has more courage than you’ll ever have, and this time he went for a swim with the cute little fishies.

The tight end wasn’t scared at all. He’s all about adventures, and this one includes sharks. Gronk took a dive in the deep end in a new “Hand Time” segment with ESPN’s Sam Alipour. The segment was filmed when Gronk was in the Bahamas. Have you ever seen anything better than this Shark Week segment? I don’t think so.

Well, we already knew that Gronk has a passion for crazy things. This man lives on adrenaline, and these sharks gave him the proper dose.

So, this video shows Gronk, his adrenaline and the sharks. Oh, those facial expressions are brilliant! “I’ve never worn a wet suit before. If we pee ourselves, it’ll stay in the suit, right?” Gronk asks in the written story.

The underwater scenes are extraordinary. That water is marvelous, and those sharks swimming around the divers are so powerful. Gronk made a few nice jokes, including the one with the “father” thing. He used his scuba equipment and got in a classic Darth Vader line. “I am your father,” he said. This man is awesome!

We’re looking forward to see Gronk’s next move. If you take into consideration that he’s an adrenaline addict, you’ll probably guess his next destination. It would be somewhere dangerous and fun.

Well, let’s just wait and watch his next video. What will he come up with? Only God knows when will Gronk strike again. Whales maybe? We already got the chills down our spine. But, hey, at least this man knows how to have fun. He’s not a grumpy cat at all. Keep up the good job, Gronk!

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