Rob Gronkowski Makes Huge Announcement About Upcoming Season

Rob Gronkowski had a drama-filled offseason, and he’s more than ready to enter the next season.
The Patriots’ tight end even suggested that he may retire. Of course, this was enough for fans to spread rumors during the offseason. But, Gronkowski will actually return as a decent Patriot.

Gronkowski made another interview with NFL Network analyst and former patriots linebacker Willie McGinest, and talked on the matter.

“I’m super excited about the upcoming season. It’s going to be fun. We’ve got another year, another training camp — always a grind, gotta get yourself through that — (I’m) just excited for the season. You know how it goes. Another year down, you know what to expect going into Year 9. You know how to do it, so I kind of feel like that’s always good to have in the back of your mind. You know how to do it, you know what to do, so I’m super excited for this year,” he said.

Gronk made sure everyone understands the fact that he’s strong both mentally and physically. “I am refreshed. You know how after a long season your body can feel and everything, so I just wanted to see where I was at and see how I can get my body feeling, see if I can handle it and endure it again, and I feel super ready,” the Patriots tight end said.

When asked about this year’s expectations, Gronk talked about coach Bill Belichick. “It’s to get back to where we were, no doubt about it, and then you know the basic, ‘We’re taking one minute at a time, one day at a time, one opponent at a time.’ I love living like that,” Gronkowski said.

Gronk won’t disappoint his fans, and he’s more than excited for the upcoming season. Keep up the good job, Gronk!

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