Chris Long With Statement About Tom Brady-Bill Belichick Drama

The New England Patriots quarterback star Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick are definitely the most spoken names in the National Football League. We’ve heard so much about the dynamic between the two of them, and Chris Long has much more to say on the topic.

Nothing can beat the fact that Brady and Belichick make the best quarterback-coach tandem in NFL history. Rumors said that there’s a friction between Tom and Bill, and it actually affected the New England Patriots organization. Chris Long has a nice opinion.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are two different people. They can’t just see eye-to-eye on everything that happens during and after the game. Former Patriot Long appeared on The Glass Half Empty Podcast, and noted that this is normal for every team in the league. The only difference is the fact that the Pats watch the prize in a different way.

“I just think any NFL team, any NFL locker room under a lot of stress over a year period — there are going to be storylines people can choose to kind of blow out of proportion or not pay attention to. One year, one of the hallmark franchises in the sports world — I think everyone’s going to pay attention to sometimes really small issues. Whatever people are alluding to going on up there hasn’t affected their play, it hasn’t affected their bottom line. It hasn’t affected how they executed on Sundays. That’s what they pride themselves in. When you’ve got the greatest quarterback of all time and possibly the greatest coach of all time, that’s why they’re in those big games,” Long said.

It’s more than clear that Brady and Belichick are fierce competitors, and they do disagree sometimes. This doesn’t change the fact that their collaboration compliments the Pats’ game.

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